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discharge printing

screen ink discharge

for screen printing with water-based inks on dark materials, printers will often use color discharge to remove the color beneath the ink to make the ink brighter. if you print white on black, for instance, you need to use discharge

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diy exposure

exposing a screen

one thing i fight, besides a small budget is a small amount of space. i always have to keep things very compact or else tee shirt making would easily take over the whole house. this is the limitation i was

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diy flash cure unit

heater and top arm

i have always set screen printing dye by steamer, so i wasn’t sure i’d need a flash cure unit. when i needed some plastisol ink for a metallic effect in the , i tried to cure the plastisol in the

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how to: screen print with dye

i really don’t like the plastic feel of many printed shirts. not only does that plastic make you sweat with large designs, it also cracks and peels if it happens to be a favorite shirt that is washed often. that

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how to: using a projector for aiming

lining up the shirt with the projected image

for a while now, we’ve had a computer projector. i got my first projector to show movies outside in the backyard while swimming. when belize was born, we started the tradition of projecting a movie on a sheet hung over

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diy screen cabinet/press cart

screent cabinet/press cart

when i first started screen printing, i was just using wooden frame speedball screens and just placing them over the shirt. i had no idea about off contact, registration or flooding… i just plopped some dye down and scraped. none

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diy stove top steamer

stove top steamer

when i first started printing with dye, i used to steam my shirts. i’ve also done some silk work and plan to do more eventually. for fiber reactive dye to “set” it requires something to activate it (soda ash for

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