pot o’ gold

st. patrick’s day is coming up. we got a great party to go to at some friends so we all need some killer tees for the party. we had to start thinking: green, lucky and irish.

lucky horseshoes

lucky horseshoes

marissa decided on a big tie-dye four leaf clover, but she knew that we couldn’t stop there so she wanted a pair of lucky horseshoes printed on the back. as i was searching lucky horseshoe images, i found some that were made of gold and decided to try and find some metallic gold plastisol ink. i found some at american screen supply which is a very friendly local screen supply store. well, the tie dye clover didn’t turn out great (in my opinion). i think the problem was i soaked it in soda ash before sewing in the clover pattern which made the material hard to sew. still, the lucky horseshoes turned out perfect.

pot o' gold

pot o’ gold

after getting the gold ink, i suggested to belize a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. i wanted to use more of this metallic gold. we first tub dyed a shirt a very very light green (we did this cause i didn’t want a white spots, but i knew it was light enough that i knew the rainbow would still show up). i then tied up the rainbow pattern leaving a big circle at the bottom for a space to print the pot (i didn’t want to have to discharge the tie dye later because that sometimes produces uneven results). once the rainbow was there, i screened on the pot and the plastisol. now, the tricky part was curing the plastisol (this was before i built my cure unit). someone suggested putting it in the oven for a few seconds, but when i did this, the shirt singed a bit (i think it was cause of the soda ash that i soaked it in before printing, which made me change my printing technique). most of the singed part washed out and belize loved her shirt. too bad it isn’t st. patrick’s day every day, right?

irish flag and clover

irish flag and clover

i opted for a simple irish flag tie dye pattern with a distressed clover. i got the distressed pattern off the web. it was really a simple shirt to create. next year, we’ll likely sell all these shirts on our store.

reef decided not to have a special st. patrick’s day shirt. instead, he wanted a duffy bear shirt. i guess he just wasn’t in the spirit.



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