pink duffy bear

we love going to disneyland in california! we have annual passes so we drive out there and usually stay in a cheap hotel across the street. recently, on a trip there, reef became enamored with the disney bear called duffy bear. he was a present to mickey from minnie so that mickey wouldn’t be lonely on the road. his name is duffy because he travels along with mickey in his duffle bag.

shellie may and duffy bear

shellie may and duffy bear

when i was making the matterhorn bobsled shirts, he decided he wanted a duffy bear shirt. we started looking for pictures on the internet and saw a picture of duffy’s girlfriend bear called shellie may. he was sold. he wasn’t going to accept any shirt that didn’t have her on it too. we picked a picture and i did some editing work and came up with the design. i also thought it would be fun for there to be some duffy and shellie foot prints (their feet are in the shape of a hidden mickey) all over the shirt. at first, i was gonna screen those footprints on, but then i forgot to include the footprint when i burned the screen, so i decided we could stamp them on there (which turned out more fun for reef anyway). we made the stamp out of foam and used the same dye mixture i use for screen printing with dye. the result is fun looking footprints that have the painted look but don’t have the feeling of paint (when you use dye, it becomes part of the fabric so doesn’t have that plastic feel like paint or ink).

unfortunately, i used a golden brown dye and really diluted it with water hoping for a beige color. it ended up a light pink shade. this is one of the tricky things about dye: it is hard (at least for me) to figure out how to lighten a color properly. i think it all depends on what colors were used to originally make the mix. of course, it is one of reef’s favorite shirts (even though it is pink) so he wears it all the time.



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