matterhorn bobsleds

we love disneyland and go there quite often. my wife grew up in orange county (where disneyland is) and grew up loving the ride matterhorn bobsleds. for those that don’t know, matterhorn is a roller coaster through an icy mountain with a couple growling yetis. it is a fun ride. anyway, the love of this ride finally rubbed off on our daughter, belize so when i asked for favorite ride t-shirt requests, she immediately jumped at matterhorn. since i knew marissa loved the ride as well, i though, why not a two-fer!

matterhorn bobsleds

matterhorn bobsleds

i decided to make the shirt sort of resemble snowy mountain tops and then print a silhouette of the mountain with the yeti inside. for the main color, i wanted a rocky feel, so i used a crystal wash technique. with this, you get the shirt wet and then sprinkle powered dye all over, you then mist it with soda ash solution. before doing that, however, i painted a few snowy peaks around the shirt with melted wax (a process know as batik). anywhere the wax was, the dye wouldn’t penetrate the fabric and so would remain a perfect snowy white. i also painted in wax a big area for the screen printed mountain and yeti to be.

after all the powered dye and soda ash solution had dried, i used my homemade steamer to steam set the dye and to melt off the wax. after a wash, the two shirts were ready to print. for the furry highlights of the monster, i took some black dye and diluted down to almost clear with sodium alginate. i think the color turned out perfect, but i could never reproduce it exactly because i just keep adding more alginate and didn’t record what i did (oh well). i think the shirts turned out really fun and were a hit at our next disneyland trip.



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