logo shirt

our logo tee

our logo tee

we got our logo shirt done. we’ll put this one on our shop soon. also be sure to check out our giveaway on facebook.



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2 comments on “logo shirt
  1. Did you print your logo using dye and thickener or plastisol ink? Thanks, Sheryl

    • john says:

      we like to use dye and thickener mostly… we only use plastisol for stuff that dye isn’t capable of, like metallic inks… we usually mix up dye very much like tie-dye but at 4x the strength… this way, we can use the liquid dye easily for making tie-dye bottles and for making thickened dye… we mix with water for tie-dye and then mix with thickener and soda ash for printing… the mixture with soda ash and thickener has a pot life of only a few hours so we only mix what we need for that session…

      here is a blog post on that process: https://paloverdethreads.com/story/diy/screen-print-dye/

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