the claw

mastering another claw machine

mastering another claw machine

me and the kids love claw machines. well, really any game that you can win a stuffed animal at. marissa is becoming not so fond of our addiction due to the fact that the kids have piles of stuffed animals under their beds. to make matters worse, when we go to disneyland, they have a place called “the midway” that has carnival-type games (shoot the water in the clown mouth, “fishing” stream and “pitching” the ball into the mitt. of course, it is disney, so the games are run by the typical “carnie” trying to get your money. instead, they are easy games and the staff is very generous. last time we went, the kids and i had to sneak over there and then give away all our winnings to other kids before mom got back… but i digress.

so, i saw this shirt that appeared to be all black but had a big tie dye mickey in the middle. i was instantly captivated and wondered right away how they had done it. upon closer inspection, i realized it was all tie dyed but first, the mickey had been screened on there with some color discharge. color discharge is what screen printers use to print light color ink on dark shirts. the discharge removed much of the color so that you can lay a much thinner layer of ink down giving the shirt a softer feel. these folks had just laid down the discharge and skipped the ink part, leaving just white (well, really off-white or grey-white) cotton fabric ready to be tie dyed. i had to immediately try the technique myself. i had a few somewhat successful shirts but my very favorite (by far) is the claw machine. it really turned out great! as someone said, it looks like all the stuffed animals in the machine are at a concert with a laser light show. if you screen print and are familiar with using discharge base, i would suggest you definitely try it. it is a super fun and easy process! make sure to wash the tee in synthrapol after printing and curing the discharge and before tie dying. i used a spiral pattern, but i bet a concentric circle pattern or even a spider pattern would look cool too.



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