Dee-Dee Frog T-shirt

Dee-Dee Frog T-shirt

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This shirt is named after our pet frog named Dee-Dee. He was the model for the frog. Though he is a Vietnamese Blue Tree Frog, not a Red-Eyed Tree Frog, we decided to make the eyes and feet red for some added color. Also, Dee-Dee does not glow in the dark, but since glow in the dark is fun, we decided, "what the heck?"

This shirt is made to order tie dyed with quality fiber reactive dye which means the colors stay bright wash after wash. Dee-Dee is screen printed on there with the same type of dye meaning he'll stay bright and feel soft (not that plastic, cracking feel you get with some printed shirts). Since it is tie-dye the colors and patterns will be unique to your shirt. It will not look exactly like this one.

We will ship this shirt within a week or two of ordering and offer free shipping to anywhere in the United States (first class mail). If you need your tree frog shirt faster, or would like some special color scheme or other customization, drop us a note and we'll figure something out.

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