tie dye washout instructions

here are the tie dye washout and setting steps to follow after you are done applying your dye:

  1. let your t-shirt drip dry as much as possible (you don’t want it to dry out completely, but you also don’t want dye to run all over).
  2. very carefully place your tee in a plastic bag or other sealed container; you want to have very clean gloved hands for this step so you don’t accidentally transfer any of the dye from one color area to another and make sure you have a firm grip from the start and have a plan when you move it so you don’t have to reposition your hands.
  3. leave the shirt set in a warm area for at least 6 hours (i have washed out items sooner than that, but after 6 hours the dye looses much of its strength and so is less likely to run to other areas and destroy your pattern so if you can be patient, do).
  4. remove the item from the container carefully and run it under cold water (keep the item tied up at this point). we do this in our utility room sink since we don’t care what color it becomes. you could use a tub or sink, but you will eventually want hot water, so the backyard hose won’t always work. the cold water will dilute and rinse away the soda ash which should stop the dying action.
  5.  turn the water hot and keep rinsing. we usually wear rubber gloves for this part as the water can get quite hot.
  6. untie the ties as you rinse in hot water (be careful if you use scissors not to cut the material). keep rinsing until the water runs fairly clear (darker blues seem to take a crazy long time to rinse out). this is the exciting part where you finally get to see what you came up with, but keep in mind that many colors look much darker when wet.
  7. wash the item in hot water with synthrapol or with liquid dishwashing detergent. you should run it through a complete wash cycle.
  8. make sure to remove items from the wash right away after the cycle finishes. if they sit on each other while wet, some color may transfer.
  9. after washout, your tee should now just require the normal care of any other cotton clothing. it is a good idea, however, to wash it the first couple times with other dark clothes.
  10. make sure you share your results with us on facebook we LOVE seeing your tie dyes!